Have you tried this Cajun Eggplant Rice Dressing? Great way to sneak veggies and fiber into a one pot meal.

Cajun Eggplant Rice Dressing #Recipe

When I was growing up, there were certain foods that my dad refused to eat.  Eggplant was high on that list.  So high, in fact, that my mom called this Cajun Eggplant Rice Dressing, “Dirty Rice” instead.  My dad loved my mom’s dirty rice.  She had two dirty rice recipes.  One recipe was the eggplant […]

Ground Meat Potato Casserole in the #SlowCooker #Recipe #Crockpot

I was starting to get into a cooking rut.  It happens!  Right?  I decided to experiment a little bit.  This ground meat potato casserole recipe was such a hit with my oldest son that I wasn’t sure my husband would get any at all.  Teenagers!!!  With meat, potatoes, peas, cheese, and creamy sauce… I guess […]

Tater Tot Casserole in the Slow Cooker #Recipe

  I just love slow cooker meals.  I love to relax knowing that dinner is slowly simmering away in the kitchen without any effort on my part.  This tater tot casserole is a family favorite. *Affiliate Links Included This is certainly not the healthiest recipe I will share, but it is delicious, easy, and a […]