Tony’s New Pizzeria Style Crust



Thanks to BzzAgent, I received a coupon for a free Tony’s pizza with new pizzeria style crust.  I also received $1 off coupons to share with my friends.


I haven’t cooked lunch for my kids in years.  Easy heat-and-eat meals have been a staple in my house.  They were the first cooking lessons my children got.  Even now that my kids have learned some  more complicated recipes, we still go back to the old favorites and the easy meals.


We have been faithful Tony’s pizza lovers for years now.  I usually have a few Tony’s pizzas in the freezer.  It is quick and easy.  It is also one of our favorite tasting pizzas as well as budget-friendly.



This pizza is noticeably larger than the Tony’s pizzas were before.  The box says 30% bigger.  That seems about right.



The pizzeria style crust seems to be the new selling point.  My son baked this pizza on a pan.  I imagine that the crust would have been much crispier if we had baked it directly on the oven rack like the directions indicate, but I tend to discourage my kids from doing that because of drips and messes in the oven.  The crust was absolutely crispy enough for my liking even with the pan.  The crust does seem to be a bit more substantial.  It seems to be the thickness of a pita rather than a cracker.  I like it better.


If there was any change in the sauce or cheese, we didn’t notice it.  They are just as tasty as always.


Will we buy this new Tony’s pizza in the future?  Yes.  Is the new crust better now?  In my opinion, yes.  Do I like the new size?  With teenage boys, absolutely.




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