Cakes & Cuppycakes Cupcake Review

*I was given a dozen cupcakes in order to facilitate this review.  I received no other compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.

Cakes & Cuppycakes

A Cupcake Review

Lemon berry cupcakes    mint chocolate cupcakes

Aren’t they gorgeous?

They taste better than they look!  No joke.  I love cupcakes.  I really do.  My husband had gotten to try cupcakes from Cakes & Cuppycakes before.  I knew he liked them.  I knew my husband had good taste in cakes.  He does not have good taste in everything, but he knows cakes.  I was expecting a good cupcake.

They blew me away!

Really!  I was caught completely off guard by the flavors.  The Lemonberry Cuppycake especially struck me.  The lemon and the berry flavors do not compete.  They are married to one another in a magical way.  My boys don’t like lemon flavored desserts much at all.  Even they were blown away by the flavor of this cupcake.  I can taste the lemon.  I can taste the berry, but they are entwined in this sweet flavor dance that I have never experienced in a cupcake before.

I have been eating and enjoying food for a very long time.  It takes a lot for a food to surprise me.  I was taking some “Food Porn” shots when a little frosting and crumbs stuck to my finger.  I licked them off and literally lost my breath for a moment.  I had wanted to wait before trying the cupcakes.  That did not happen.

Do not under any circumstances try a bite of cupcake unless you are prepared to eat the whole thing.

You will eat it all!  No joke!  You WILL eat it all.

The Andes Mint Chocolate Cuppycake has an amazingly intense chocolate flavor with just a hint of mint.  It is really exquisite how she gets these flavor combinations to balance in such a perfect way.  Neither flavor is overpowering.  Neither flavor dominates.  The flavor harmony is perfectly in tune and balanced.  Truly a work of art!

The best news of all:  She ships nationwide!

If you’re in the Memphis or Midsouth area, you can support a local small business.  If you’re not in this area, she can and will ship it to you.

How do I get these cupcakes?

Tina S. Moore is the owner & operator of Cakes & Cuppycakes.  You can call her at (901) 493-8523.  You can email her at cakesandcuppycakes@gmail.com .

You should check out her Facebook page Cakes & Cuppycakes and her Instagram at Cakes & Cuppycakes.

Lemonberry Cuppycakes     mint chocolate cuppycake

2015-10-06 18.14.45     mint chocolate cupcakes

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  1. They were extremely great. She made them for me on a short notice because I was coming into town to visit and when I tell you they were great, they were! I was visiting my sister, niece, and nephew and they are them all.

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