Crazy Cat Lady

Meet our kitties!

We love these guys so much.  It is amazing how pets can become family members.

Every morning when I wake up, all the cats form a little kitty parade escorting me from my room to the kitchen. Well, most of the cats.  Sometimes Sasha joins us and sometimes she doesn’t.

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This is Noire.  He is our handsome black cat.  He doesn’t like to be held but loves to be petted, especially in that spot right in front of his tail on his back.  If you’re ever in a dark or dimly lit room at my house and see a shadowy mass pass by, that’s him.  He also likes to hide in dark closets and cabinets.  While he is the manliest looking of my cats, he has the girliest voice.  He is such a gift.

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Here is Callie.  She is the mama of the bunch.  She has never given birth, but that doesn’t stop her from mothering all the rest of them.  If there is any cat drama going on (hissing, coughing up fur balls…), Callie will go to the action and intervene if necessary.  She even tries to mother me.  She will let me know if I need to get up and feed them by gently pawing my face.




Our precious Taz is the newest and youngest of the group.  He likes to sleep on top of me and will swat at my husband if he attempts to touch me.  He loves to play with the other cats and with his people.  Quite often, he will escort me throughout the house or crawl up in my lap while I’m on my computer.  He is easily the most loving of our cats.


Last, but certainly not least, is Winnie.  Winnie is technically our daughter’s cat.  We are just keeping him until she can get an apartment that allows pets.  He is the most mischievous of the group.  He can jump up and use his paws to open door knobs… round door knobs.  If there is trouble to be found, Winnie will find it.

photo (6)


I’m so glad I got to introduce you to all of our fur babies.  They will likely inspire a post or two, I’m sure.  Heaven knows, they keep things interesting around here.  Want to read more? Click here.

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Purrs and cuddles to you all.


In Memory of Sasha


Sasha is a bit crotchety and grouchy with the other cats.  She loves her people, but wishes the other cats would disappear.  Any time another cat is near Sasha, she growls this deep, manly growl.  She’s all bark and no bite.  If you pet Sasha near her tail on her back, she will lick herself uncontrollably.  Callie and Sasha were sisters.

photo 2 (4)


We miss you, Sweet Girl!

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