Remembering our beloved kitty, Sasha

We had a very difficult day.  We had to have our precious kitty, Sasha, put to sleep.  Our poor girl had cancer.  Today, we are remembering our beloved kitty, Sasha!

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Our cat, Sasha

In Loving Memory of Sasha!

Remembering our beloved kitty, Sasha

We miss you, Sweet Girl!


Remembering Her Life


Sasha was very crotchety and grouchy with the other cats like that stereotypical old, grouchy neighbor.  That is pretty much how Sasha reacted when any other cat entered the same room (or happened to be in a room that Sasha entered.)  She was so funny.  The other cats didn’t always think so, but she was hilarious.

When she jumped, she rarely ever landed on her feet.  She always managed to land belly-first.  She always ran as though she were being chased.  She was easily our most neurotic cat.  She had issues.  That’s why I loved her.  She was just crazy enough to fit in with our family.

With her people, however, she was completely different.  She loved to get attention from her people.  If she received even the smallest amount of attention, she would purr and purr.  She was so affectionate with us and grateful for any and all attention.  She was just so sweet.

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She wasn’t always aware of her claws.  She would frequently put her front paws on our knees to get our attention.  When we would pet her, she would stretch her paws onto our belly and, in pure satisfaction, she would stretch her paws, and her claws would reach into our bellies.  We would scream in pain which would scare her, and she would run off… only to repeat the entire cycle again later.  This is why I gave her the moniker #SashaTheScared on Instagram.  Well, she was not fond of storms, either.  Like I said, she had issues… but I loved her.

I loved her issues.  I loved her quirks.  I loved all the weird things she did.  I loved the way she would lick herself uncontrollably whenever we pet her near her tail.  I loved her unique run, her sweet voice, her beautiful face, and her sweet nature.  She was such an important part of our family.  It won’t be the same without her.

I will miss you so much, Sasha!


Our Cat, Sasha

Remembering our beloved kitty, Sasha


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