Our #SundaeFundae Party #Sponsored by Smucker’s

*This is a sponsored post.

They were so surprised!

We had an amazing Sundae Fundae Party with Smucker’s® for dessert!

sundae party fixins

I set up all the fixin’s for everybody out where we could each create our own little masterpieces.

ice cream and toppings

I brought the ice creams out a little early because they scoop easier when they are slightly thawed.

As soon as the brownies came out of the oven, the party commenced.  My husband called the boys into the kitchen.  They were so surprised.

brownie in bowl

Everybody’s sundae started out alike.  I put a ice cream bowl-shaped cone into each bowl with a brownie.  The brownies came out a little messy because they were hot, but there’s nothing like cold ice cream melting over a hot brownie.

ice cream

I added a scoop of ice cream.  I guess this is where the individualization began since I get the special ice cream for those with lactose issues.

Now, everyone just went crazy with the toppings.  You just can’t use too much of those delicious toppings and Smucker’s® syrups.

finished sundae

They may not be all that pretty, but … oh my goodness… they were delicious!  We each got just what we wanted.

isaac enjoying a sundae

Now, that’s the face of satisfaction.

Zachary eating a sundae

You couldn’t pry that spoon away from him until it was completely gone.

mike eating a sundae

My husband had to be a super weirdo and eat his sundae with a fork.

       ike eating

It was just an amazing end to a long and difficult week.  This was exactly what we needed.

*This post was sponsored by Smucker’s®.


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