Lemon Brownies #Recipe from Cake Mix

I just love lemon flavored desserts… especially in the spring and summer.  There is just something really refreshing about citrus flavors.  When I made the Red Velvet Brownies last winter, I knew that I would be making Lemon Brownies for the spring/summer.  These Lemon Brownies will be perfect after our grilled chicken breasts for dinner […]

Have you tried this Key Lime Cobbler? This slow cooker recipe could not be any easier!

Key Lime Cobbler: A Slow Cooker #Recipe

Key Lime is one of my favorite flavors for spring and summer.  The light citrus flavors of this Key Lime Cobbler are perfect for your spring and summer potlucks, parties, and gatherings while still being easy enough for a weeknight dessert. Affiliate links are included.  Commissions from these links help to support this blog.  Thank […]

Lime Rice Crispy Treats #Recipe

Lime rice crispy treats are a super easy spin on a much-loved dessert.  The subtle green color makes it a perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day or paired with cherry for Christmas, and the lime flavor adds a nice citrus freshness.  This simple treat is just as easy as original Rice Krispies Treats®, but with a […]

Who Loves Halos #Giveaway @las930 @HalosFun Ends Jan. 15 ENDED

Are you looking for current giveaways?  Click Here! We love Halos mandarins.  They are sweet and delicious… and healthy.  After all the party foods and indulgences of the holidays, it is nice to have a totally guilt-free snack that is delicious enough to tempt me away from the cookies and fudge.  If you’re a fan […]

BruJoy Giveaway Ends Sept. 18 ENDED

If you’re looking for current giveaways, Click Here! I have an incredible giveaway to share with you guys for some kitchen tools.  BruJoy has graciously sponsored this giveaway for a citrus press and a milk frother.  If you like kitchen gadgets as much as I do, you’re probably already picking out a spot for them in […]