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Apple & Eve organic juice

I am so excited that my Apple & Eve® Organic juice finally arrived from Influenster.

They sent me the juice completely free to facilitate my review.

I have been on pins and needles waiting for it.  There is something exciting about knowing a box is coming.  This box was even more exciting because we knew it was filled with juice.  We love juice in this house.  If my husband forgets to check my blog today, he may never even know it was in the house.  It’ll be gone!

The Official Unboxing

That’s right!  Something for the kids and something for mamma!

My Boys Opinion

The first thing they said was, “This isn’t sweet”, but they quickly followed up with, “but it’s good!”

They downed all three of the kids’ juice boxes quickly.  They also tried the larger Natural Style Apple juice and declared, “Oh, that’s good!”

Clearly, all the juices were a hit with my boys.


My Opinion

I took a sip of each juice box before my boys inhaled them.  They definitely don’t have the “extreme” flavors that so many companies think we need, but I believe the subtle flavor  is a good thing.  I wish my boys had more juices like this when they were smaller.  Kids should drink juice to quench their thirst and not to  get a mini liquid dessert.

When my boys were smaller, I would teach them that sodas are liquid candy.  I think an occasional soda is okay just like an occasional candy is okay, but too many sodas are as unhealthy as too  much candy.  *I’m preaching to myself over here.  Don’t mind me.*

The Natural Style Apple juice was amazing.  It tastes like an apple cider and has a thickness about it (like cider).  I’m really loving the texture of the juice.  It is really nice and sweet even though there is no added sugar.  Fruit just doesn’t need any added sugar, and neither does fruit juice.  I think it is sweet and tasty enough to be a treat without all the guilt of eating a treat.

I would definitely recommend Apple & Eve® to my friends and readers with small kids, to my friends and readers with big kids, to my friends and readers with no kids, and to my friends and readers who are just big kids themselves (like my husband).  Apple & Eve® has a beverage for everyone, and I will be looking for them in the store from now on.







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