Tropicana Orange Juice with 3 Times the Vitamin C #Ad

I received a bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice for free in order to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions expressed are my honest opinions.


I am always looking for new ways to sneak a little more healthy foods into my kids’ diets.

I have tried buying vitamins, but they forget to take them.  Admittedly, I forget to remind them.  I have tried sneaking healthier foods into family favorites like adding spinach to my lasagna or making muffins using pumpkin.

I am happy to report that some of my sneaky ways have worked.  My kids love my spinach lasagna and my pumpkin muffins.  As teenagers, they know my tricks and are okay with it.  That’s good.  They will soon be responsible adults who know tasty ways to get their vitamins.

The quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to get more vitamins into my kids is to buy Tropicana orange juice.

My boys love orange juice!  When my boys saw this Tropicana orange juice in the refrigerator, they got so excited that they forgot to leave me some to review.  After two more trips to the grocery store, I finally got some.  Now, I know what the fuss is over.  Tropicana orange juice is really delicious.

Tropicana Orange Juice is really good!

I was a little worried that 3 times the Vitamin C plus Zinc would leave a aftertaste like vitamins sometimes do.  I don’t taste vitamins at all.  There is no aftertaste.  Obviously, neither did my boys since they downed the first two bottles.  This is the orange juice flavor I remember from my childhood.  Not too sweet.  Not too tangy.  Just right!  Just like I remember.

Looking for new ways to get vitamins into your kids’ diets?

Try giving them orange juice.  It works for adults as well.

Tropicana orange juice


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