He Turns 16 Today!

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Zachary turns 16 today!  Yikes!!!

Oh my goodness I love this guy so much.  He doesn’t like me to go grocery shopping alone so he comes with me most of the time.  He has a heart of gold, a tender spirit, and a gentle nature.

When I was expecting Zachary, his big sister, Mikelyn, would talk to him inside of my womb and tell him to hurry up and come out so she could play with him.  She would lay her head on my belly, and Zachary would kick her head, sometimes hard enough that it would hurt both of us.

Zachary, your sister has always adored you.
Zachary, your sister has always adored you.

When he was born, I was alarmed because he wasn’t soft like every other baby I have ever touched before.  He was solid muscle at birth.  Before long, he was putting those muscles to work.  He learned to walk by pushing my sofa around the living room around 10 months.  Before kindergarten, he would bring cases of sodas in from the car for his grandma.  They were heavy for most adults, but he made it look so easy.

He has always been a gentle spirit wrapped in strength.  

Both can be great blessings if used wisely or horrible curses if used unwisely.  My prayer for him has always been for wisdom.

Zachary and his big sister, Mikelyn, sitting on Dad's lap.
Zachary and his big sister, Mikelyn, sitting on Dad’s lap.

I had never known such a happy baby.

He were constantly smiling and laughing.  However, he weren’t satisfied until he had everyone around him smiling and laughing with him.

I don't remember why Zachary was pointing at himself.
I don’t remember why Zachary was pointing at himself.

Even though he is younger than Mikelyn, he would still push her around the house on toys.  Eventually, he became old enough and strong enough to carry her around.  She loves it.  You can just see the pride all over her face that her little brother is so strong and kind.

Typical family picture with one child, in this case Isaac, not cooperating.
Typical family picture with one child, in this case Isaac, not cooperating.

Zachary has also been the child least affected by peer pressure.  He doesn’t really care what everyone else is doing.  He never has.  In kindergarten, his teacher would tell me that Zachary would rally the class to find “clues” on the playground.  Apparently, “clues” were those little plastic barrettes that would fall from little girls’ hair.  He will lead others if they choose to follow him (and he’s comfortable in that role), or he will just do his own thing (he’s comfortable there, too).  He has no interest in being a follower.

Zachary feeds a goat.
Zachary feeds a goat.

I am so honored that God has chosen me to raise Zachary.

As with all my kids, he has taught me at least as much as I taught him.  He has taught me that the strongest people are those with restraint, the wisest people know that they don’t know it all, and the kindest people never have to tell you that they are kind.

My Zachary
My Zachary

I love my Zachary so much!

Happy Birthday to my oldest son, Zachary!

Zachary and Isaac
Isaac and Zachary

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