10 Ways a Child’s First Birthday is Like a Hurricane

As my nieces celebrated their first birthday, I couldn’t help but notice that a child’s first birthday is like a hurricane.  They are certainly not alike in every way.  This is a lighthearted comparison.


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Hurricanes and First Birthdays are not new to me.

As a native Louisianian, I have seen many hurricanes.  Some are uneventful.  Some are scary.  Some are all bark with little bite.  Some do incredible damage.

My family liked to sit in the garage and watch the storm pass.  It was intense in the storm, but very relaxing to watch.  Quite often, we would find that the storm had carried our outdoor furniture away only to replace it with someone else’s.  The only thing that was certain about a hurricane was that nothing was certain.  I don’t ever remember being scared; just awe-struck.


My nieces just celebrated their first birthday.

There was lots of food, drinks, people, gifts, decorations.  Everyone was talking, eating, mingling, and celebrating.  We all seemed to have a lot of fun.


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On the surface, hurricanes and first birthday parties don’t seem to have much in common.

In spite of all the differences between hurricanes and first birthdays, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities.  Here is a lighthearted comparison.

happy 1st birthday

How a First Birthday Is Like a Hurricane


1.  They both are a reason to party.  

2. Both involve at a lot of advanced preparation.

3.  Redecorating is likely to happen.



4.    Both cause a lot of work.

5.  Both can be scary to household pets. 

6.   Change of diet should be expected.

7.   Candles are important in both.  

8.  They are both loud.


9.     They both leave an incredible mess in their wake. 

10.  You should always expect the unexpected.



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  1. Just seems like our family had two hurricane parties. Last week with the Raymond Ranch and this weekend with the twins birthday. Trish, that was very insightful.

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