How to Write Successful Resolutions

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I am actually sticking with the same resolution I made last year.  I like it.  It works for me.  It is almost more of a mantra than a resolution which is helpful to me.  After I share my resolution, I will share some tips to write a successful resolution.  My resolution is:

Step out of my comfort zone!  Get uncomfortable!!!

I like this resolution because it works in so many areas of my life.  It encourages me to try new things (like writing a blog!) and to get out of old ruts.  I frequently ask myself, “Is this an opportunity to get uncomfortable?”  I love how this resolution gives me the encouragement to break out, try new things, and have new experiences.  I also have to give more thought to decisions rather than go with my knee-jerk reaction.


Each year, I require my boys to write several resolutions.

  1.  Spiritual
  2. Academic
  3. Organizational
  4. Health
  5. Social

This year, I added a 6th resolution to help them prepare for their future adult careers.  I am encouraging them to begin focusing on classes, opportunities, and books that will make their adult lives easier and more successful.


Their spiritual resolutions usually revolve around Bible reading or prayer.  Academic resolutions normally involve studying, improving grades, taking a new class, or completing something that they have been dragging out.   Organizational resolutions (one of my favorites) usually involve tidiness, cleanliness, preparation, or better use of resources.  Health resolutions usually involve nutrition and exercise, but can include hygiene.  Social resolutions involve meeting new people, starting conversations, working on speaking (articulation, eye contact, vocabulary, body language, etc.),  or maintaining friendships outside of organized groups (email, phone, Skype).


How to Write Successful Resolutions

1.  Be Measurable

A successful resolution should be measurable.  Instead of “Pray More”, try “Pray Every Morning”.  Instead of “Eat Less”, try “No Junk Food on Week Days”.  Instead of “Make More Friends”, try “Make 6 New Friends This Year”.  Instead of “Exercise More”, try “Do 100 Squats Every Week”.

Measurable resolutions can be clearly tracked.  You know whether or not you are successful.

Helpful Words for Measurable Resolutions:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, At Every Meal, On Week Days, On Weekends, Twice Daily, Within The Year, (ISN = insert specific number), ISN pounds, ISN calories, ISN hours, ISN minutes daily, ISN chapters, ISN times per…


2.  Be Specific

What are the specific steps you will need to take to achieve your goal?  How to you intend to achieve your goal?  Your resolution isn’t just a sound bite.  What will success actually look like?

Instead of, “Lose Weight”, try “Spend 30 minutes on the elliptical 4 days a week” or “Lose 30 Pounds Using My Favorite Health & Weight Loss App”.


3.  Set Yourself Up For Success

If you haven’t done any exercise for the last 5 years, do not make a resolution to wake up at 3:00 a.m. 5 times per week to run 10 miles.  Make a resolution that will make you step out of your comfort zone but still be reasonable and attainable.


4.  Accept Failure

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will fail.  If you somehow manage to never fail, your resolution wasn’t difficult enough.  Failure is okay.  Failure is an indicator that you are attempting something difficult.  Don’t let failure derail your effort.

Life will get in your way.  You will get sick.  You will get busy.  You will get tired.  Give yourself grace then start again.  Take a break.  Take a deep breath.  Get back to it  as soon as possible.


5.  Motivate Yourself With Images of Success

Some women will buy an article of clothing in the size they hope to wear and look at it when they get discouraged.  Other people will tape words of encouragement to their bathroom mirror.  Perhaps the picture of someone who is already successful in that area is the encouragement you need.

Personally, I am not very visual.  I find that picturing in my mind a new and better me who has found success is a better motivator than pictures or words taped to the wall.  You should do whatever works for you but find a motivator that works for you.


6.  Be Stubborn

The simplest way to be successful in your resolution is to simply refuse to quit.  Take a short break if you need to take a break.   Slow down when you need to slow down, but don’t stop.  Keep going!

How to Write Successful Resolutions


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