11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for your Homeschool

11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for Your Homeschool

  The purpose of a test is to evaluate whether or not the students have mastered a skill, understand a topic, or retain specific knowledge.  Paper tests are efficient in that they are relatively quick and easy to grade.  I have nothing against paper tests.  In fact, I use paper tests a good bit in […]

Teaching Your Teen How To Handle Insults

Teaching Your Teen How To Handle Insults

With the rise of social media, insults and unsolicited critiques are everywhere.   They seem to come at us from every direction.  It is more important now than ever that teens know how to handle insults, critiques, and advice.  It seems that, unfortunately, far too many teens fall into one of two camps:  (1) Those […]

Homeschool Moms Ain’t Got No Time to Cook

Did you notice the grammatical error or two in my title?  Based on my time spent in the homeschooling community, I figured that grammatical errors were the best way to get a homeschool mom’s attention.  LOL I have no time to cook, and I know that I’m not alone. Because I know some of you […]

Get Outside & Visit a Park Nearby!!!

Winter is over, and it is time to get outside and visit a nearby park!  The sunshine and fresh air are calling! *This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play.   During the winter, we keep pretty busy.  Between holiday functions and indoor soccer, we have a full plate, but it is all indoors. […]

The Day Math Brought Tears & Broken Pencils

That particular homeschool day did not start with tears or frustration. The math lesson itself started uneventfully.  It was a normal day…until it wasn’t. That morning started with the cats nudging me awake to feed them (not because they were out of food…my husband had put out some hard food for them.  They were wanting the […]

How to Write Successful Resolutions

  I am actually sticking with the same resolution I made last year.  I like it.  It works for me.  It is almost more of a mantra than a resolution which is helpful to me.  After I share my resolution, I will share some tips to write a successful resolution.  My resolution is: Step out […]