International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day – October 15

You can be a part of the Wave of Light.

When:  Tonight, October 15, at 7 pm all time zones

Where:  All over the world

How:  Just light a candle and keep it lit for at least 1 hour


Lit Candle


Losing my son, Wyatt, to miscarriage was the most difficult experience I have ever had.

About “15-20% of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage” according to About Health.  That statistic is much too high.  If you are sitting in a room with a handful of adult women, chances are that at least one of them has had a miscarriage.  I was older at 39 years old when I had my miscarriage.  Roughly about half of my female Facebook friends had at least one miscarriage.  Miscarriage Survivors are a tragic sisterhood with far too many members.

Several of my friends were very open about their miscarriages.  Other friends kept quiet about their losses.  I think each person or couple should grieve in whatever way they need to grieve.  However, we as a society need create an environment where those couples who need to grieve publicly can feel comfortable sharing their loss, their emotions, and their stories with the world.

It is heart-wrenching to hear of mothers who are told to “get over it”.  Maybe “getting over it” was how you best dealt with your miscarriage, but not every person can process this in the same way.  Please be patient with other grieving mothers and fathers who need to heal in a very different way from you.


If you are a pregnancy loss or infant loss survivor…

If you have a pregnancy loss or infant loss survivor in your family or circle of friends…

If you know a pregnancy loss or infant loss survivor…

If you just want to show your support for those who are pregnancy loss or infant loss survivors…

Light a candle at 7 pm (your time zone) and keep it lit for 1 hour and be a part of the Wave of Light in honor of our babies gone too soon.


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