Review of Bic Xtra-Fun, Ultra-Solid, Break-Resistant Lead Pencils #GotItFree

I am a BzzAgent!

Bzz Agent sent me Bic’s newest pencils which are supposed to be Xtra-Fun, Ultra-Solid, and Break-Resistant Lead #2 Pencils.  I did NOT pay for the pencils.  They were sent to me completely FREE to try them out and talk about them with my friends, family, and, of course, my readers.

You do not have to be a blogger to join BzzAgent!

As a matter of fact, I have been a member of BzzAgent for many years before I started blogging.  I have gotten to try many cool things through them.  I recommend that you check them out.

Bic Xtra Fun #2 Pencil


I actually received 2 packs of pencils like this one along with some coupons to share with my friends.

Since we’ve already started homeschooling this year, I gave each of my teen boys a pencil to use during Algebra II and Chemistry.

Zack is using the Bic Xtra Fun #2 Pencil with Sasha (cat) peaking over his shoulder.
Zack is using the Bic Xtra Fun #2 Pencil with Sasha (cat) peaking over his shoulder.
Isaac is using the Bic Xtra Fun #2 Pencil.
Isaac is using the Bic Xtra Fun #2 Pencil.

My Boys’ Verdict

Both boys talked about how much they liked the colors of the pencil.  I am not at all surprised that the colors caught their attention first.  I sharpened a few pencils to see if the color changes or fades.  That color on the tips appears to be consistent throughout the pencil which I think is cool.  Actually, “Cool!” is the word both of my boys used, too.

My boys also felt that the lead seemed to last longer which is an especially interesting observation since neither of them read the package.  One of my boys pointed out that the pencil has more “bend” than the pencils we normally use.  I tried it and found that he is right.  Not sure if that means anything, but I found it interesting.

My Verdict

I tried writing really “hard” with these pencils, and they did not break.  I had to use a good bit of force to break the tip.  That’s not to say that they don’t break.  It is simply less likely to break than other pencils.  I definitely agree with Bic’s assertion that the pencils are break-resistant.  I also found that the eraser sufficiently erased at least as well as other pencils.

The colors are interesting.  They are certainly more fun than the traditional yellow and brown.  I would hesitate to call any pencil “Xtra Fun” because they are pencils.  Only in comparison to other #2 pencils are these pencils truly “fun”.

Would I buy this pencil in the future?

Absolutely yes!  Even if they cost a bit more than the pencils I normally buy, I would still consider buying them.  Broken pencil lead is wasted pencil.  Being able to get through Algebra II and Chemistry without sharpening pencils repeatedly is worth a little extra money, too.

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