Worst Game Ever: What’s That Smell?


What’s that smell? has got to be the worst game ever.  The worst part is that I am forced into playing whether I want to or not.  I have been playing this game for the last several days and finally won the game today.  You see, the game is not over until you win.  You win once you find the source of the smell and get rid of it.

The game started in the kitchen.  I came home from an errand and noticed a smell.  You know, that sour smell that indicates that something has gone bad.  If the source of the smell is not obvious, the game begins.

My first failed attempt at finding the smell was the sink drain.  Sometimes they can have some sour smells coming from them so I tossed a handful of baking soda which I quickly chased with some white vinegar.  Like a little kid, I love watching them bubble up.  The drain did smell much better afterwards, but that was not the smell.  It was smell, but not the smell.

Next, I went on a wiping spree.  With teenagers in the house, sometimes they spill and wipe with a paper towel but leave behind a sticky mess that can leave a spoiled smell especially if it is behind something and not seen.  All the counters and appliances got a thorough wipe down.  The smell persisted.

I start picking up random objects throughout the kitchen and just smelling them.  Is it you?  Are you the culprit?

I’m sniffing the trash.  It’s not good smelling, but it is not the nasty smell that I’m searching for either.  I’m sticking my head in the oven.  Nope.  Freezer?  Nope.  Fridge? Nope.  I sniffed my table and chairs.  Guys, I was getting desperate.

My son’s chore is to mop the kitchen.  I admonished him to do a thorough job… like not like usual, but actually really good.  He did a good job.  I know.  I sniffed the floor.  Really.  Yes, that desperate.  The smell is still there.

Every time I’d walk into the kitchen, I’d pick up random objects and smell them.  That’s when it happened!!!

You see, I had picked up random potatoes several times and sniffed them.  I had not yet picked up EVERY potato and sniffed.  One potato had a tiny, dime-sized spot of rot.  That was the smell.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of smelling a rotten potato, you know why this has driven me crazy for the last few days.  It’s a horrendous smell, but it has been found and disposed.

The game is officially over, and I am the victor… until next time.

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