My Cats Top 10 Fave Things Ever

My cats are an extremely important part of my life.  They are family.  We love them as family.  We spoil them more than family because, well, they are better than we are… or at least they certainly think so.  Here is a look at my cats top 10 favorite things.

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Cats favorite things

Things My Cats Love Most

A Cats Top 10 List

1.  Defiling a freshly cleaned litter box.

They will circle while the litter box is being cleaned like sharks.  Getting to be the first one in is like a medal of honor.

2.  Fresh food and water

By fresh, I mean put out within the last minute.  Don’t try to pass off 10 minute old food as fresh.  They can tell the difference.  Sprinkling three fresh pieces on top of the old food makes it all fresh, though.

3.  Long naps in a sunny spot.

Subtract the sunny spot, and I’m right there with them.

4.  Getting scratched for exactly 4 1/2 seconds… and not a fraction of a second more.

I really need to work on my kitty mind-reading skills because this time frequently changes without warning.

5.  Changing his mind.

“Scratch me here.  Right here.  Yeah, that’s it… Wait!  What are you doing?  How dare you scratch me there.”  Clearly, 4 & 5 go together, but a cat’s finicky nature is not limited to scratching.  “I want fresh water from the bathroom sink right now!”  Cat sniffs the water and walks away.   *Sigh

6.  Strings

Strings hanging from pants.  Strings hanging from purses.  Drawstrings.  Guitar strings.  Those weird strings that charge your phone.  Apron strings.  Hair.

7.  Boxes!!!

If I fits, I sits.  Any box.  Any where.  Any time.

8.  Boxes with strings!

Every so often, we will throw a string into a box.  This is, apparently, the kitty version of Disney World.

9.  Killing bugs

… or anything vaguely resembling a bug.

10.  Toys!

…and by toys, I mean any random piece of trash or miscellaneous object that is NOT designed to be a cat toy.


I hope you enjoyed this cats top 10 list.  Let me know in the comments if I left something off the list.

My Cats Top 10 Fave Things Ever


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