How to Know if Your Cat is Probably NOT Trying to Kill You

There are moments in my life where uncertainty rules.  For instance, when I wake up gasping for breath because one of my sweet, loving kitties is sitting on my face…  Perfectly innocent?  Or plot to kill me?  Hmmm!  This is why I think your cat is probably NOT trying to kill you.

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How to Know If Your Cat Is Probably NOT Trying to Kill You

Honestly, I have not reached a verdict yet, but I have put together a list of indications that your cat is probably NOT trying to kill you.

1.  They purr when I pet them.  

Without actually using the words “I love you”, that purr just says it all.

2.  They rub on me.  

They jump on my desk to rub on my face.  They rub on my ankles while I’m standing in the kitchen.

photo 5 (1)   This is Razzmatazz.  Doesn’t he look innocent?

3.  They paw at me with their claws in.  

I know it would take very little effort on their part to expose their claws so I appreciate the gesture.

4.  They cuddle beside me or even on top of me.  

Kitty cuddles are the best.  I will let my arm go numb rather than make them move.  I don’t know how long this loving mood will last so I take advantage while I can.

photo 3 (4)   This is Noire.  No bad luck here.  He’s all sweetness.

5.  They protect me from vicious creatures such as flies, ants, spiders, and gnats.

If a baby enters the house, I’m on my own.


6.  They bring fresh kills to me… quite often not yet dead.  

Now that’s pretty fresh.  Whether it is a insect, spider, or a toy that resembles something living, they are sure to bring it to me.

photo 2 (12)  This is Callie.  Her heart is as soft as her fur.

7.  They take an interest in what I’m doing.  

It doesn’t matter if I’m getting dressed, cooking, blogging, or just relaxing on the back patio, I have an audience.

8.  They appear to recognize my superior ability to open cat food.  

Surely, they wouldn’t kill the food lady… Right?

photo 4 (6)   This is Sasha.  She was our ghost cat preferring to stay far from any action.  We miss her.

9.  They enjoy sniffing me.  

Noire especially loves to sniff.  He will sniff fingers, mouths, feet, hair…  All the cats at one point or another will come up and just start sniffing.

10.  They come running to me when I come in the door.  

Not like a dog, but they will leave their warm, comfy spot where they have been hibernating for the last several hours to acknowledge my presence before grabbing a quick bite to eat to fuel that long stroll back.  They’re cats so I’ll take it.

photo 1 (10)  This is Winnie.  He is my grand kitty.  Grand Kitties can do no wrong.

With all this evidence of their totally conditional  love for me, surely they would never try to harm me.  Right???

Cat probably not trying to kill you pin

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