Buttery Ranch Mushrooms Recipe

Buttery Ranch Mushrooms Recipe in the Slow Cooker

Buttery ranch mushrooms recipe slow simmering away in the slow cooker or Crockpot is a fabulous side dish.  This is my favorite dish to take to potlucks, parties, and gatherings. Affiliate links are included in this post.  Commissions from these links help to support this blog.  Thank you! I have brought these little gems to church potlucks. […]

Ranch Chicken Marinade Recipe

Ranch Chicken Marinade Recipe For the Grill

Are you looking for a delicious chicken breast marinade for the grill?  This ranch chicken marinade recipe is a delicious flavor for your chicken breasts on the grill.  This marinade is also extremely simple. Affiliate links are included.  Commissions from these links help to support this blog.  Thank you!   I find that this marinade […]

Squash Potato Soup Recipe

Squash Potato Soup Recipe

My daughter is home after graduating from Bible College.  She got a good job at a local doctor’s office (Yay!), but she frequently has to take lunches at her desk.  She requested that I make this squash potato soup recipe for her since it can be easily warmed in a microwave and even sipped out […]

Simple Mac and Cheese Recipe

Simple Mac and Cheese Recipe

When my son had his wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, I made a big pot of mac and cheese because the oral surgeon recommended soft foods.  Since then, my boys have requested mac and cheese for dinner often.  I don’t make mac and cheese as a dinner regularly, but this comfort food certainly […]

How to make a cat scratcher.

How To Make a Cat Scratcher

It started with a desire to build something for our furry feline family members.  As one of the cats tried to sharpen his claws on a piece of furniture, it became clear that my husband would be making a cat scratcher.  As a teacher, I know that no’s work better when there are also yes’s. […]


Back To School With One Step Ahead #Giveaway @las930 @OSA_Kids Ends Aug. 31

Enter the Back to School With One Step Ahead #Giveaway for a chance to win some fabulous prizes to make back to school easier and fun!  Read all about the fabulous prizes then scroll down for a chance to win.  Good Luck! Welcome to the Back To School With One Step Ahead Giveaway! Check out […]

Back To School In Style Grand Prize #Giveaway

Back To School In Style Grand Prize #Giveaway @las930 Ends Aug. 31

Is Back To School here already?  Where did the summer go?  Enter the Back to School in Style grand prize #giveaway for a chance to win a ton of prizes geared toward making the back to school season as painless as possible. This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small […]


Mixcder ShareMe #Giveaway @las930 @Mixcder_Deutsch Ends Aug. 22

Headphones are perfect for back to school.  Whether it is for listening to the lecture you recorded, a classic piece of literature, or some Baroque music to enhance your mathematical understanding, headphones are a must.  Check out the headphones below then scroll down for a chance to enter to win a set in the Mixcder […]