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December to Remember #Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the December to Remember #Giveaway Hop! Welcome to the December to Remember Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers! Hosted By: Mama Smith’s and Women and Their Pretties Co-Hosted By: Mystery Shopping Teacher & Everyday Life Sponsored By: EatSmart I am thrilled to be taking part in this fabulous giveaway hop […]


Single Serve Microwave White Chocolate Cocoa #Recipe

I always keep white chocolate chips on hand.  Since I am making lots of hot cocoa this week, it is a no-brainer that I should make a white chocolate cocoa, too.  This recipe makes enough cocoa for just one person, but it is so quick that multiple people can have white chocolate cocoa in minutes… […]


Single Serve Microwave Mint Hot Cocoa #Recipe

My youngest son loves Andes mints, so when I found that Andes mints make mint bits for cookies, I snagged a bag, but not to make cookies.  Oh no!  I have another idea in mind.  I am making a microwave mint hot cocoa, and I am sharing the recipe here with you. Affiliate Links are […]


Single Serve Microwave Hot Cocoa #Recipe

Hot cocoa seems to be the honorary drink of winter.  I often want to make a nice big pot of homemade hot cocoa, but my family usually don’t want it when I do.  Here is a single serving recipe for microwave hot cocoa for those times when a cup or two will do. Affiliate Links […]


Extravaganza BBR Red Velvet Coffee #Giveaway Ends Dec. 14

Red velvet is one of my favorite holiday flavors.  If you’d like to have a chance to win this fabulous red velvet flavored coffee to try for yourself, just scroll down for a chance to win it.  Good Luck!   Welcome to the BBR Red Velvet Coffee Giveaway Hosted By PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews, & FreebiesCo-Hosted […]


Extravaganza TRC Deluxe Gift Set #Giveaway Ends Dec. 14

I love drinking holiday flavored coffee this time of year.  Nothing beats starting my day with a special treat.  Read below about these fabulous coffees below then keep scrolling down for a chance to win a gift set.  Good Luck!   Welcome to the TRC Deluxe Gift Set Giveaway Hosted By PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews, & […]