Lantern Craft for Little Ones

I did a slightly quicker version of this lantern craft in Children’s Church earlier this month.  This is a great craft to go with a “Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet” lesson in church or a study on Florence Nightingale who was called the “Lady of the Lamp”.  It would also be a good craft for a camping themed lesson or activity… or any study on the pioneers.

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Lantern Craft

What You’ll Need:

White glue


Bowl or cup

Paint Brush

Red, Yellow, or Orange Tissue Paper, very wrinkled

Construction Paper


Stapler with staples



We will make the flame or light for our lantern first.  I started by mixing about a tablespoon of white glue with 2-3 tablespoons of water in a cup.  Dip the paintbrush in the mixture and cover a sheet of red, orange, or yellow construction paper.  We are going for a flame-like color.  Place the wrinkled tissue paper on top and add another coat of the glue/water mixture.  It should look like this:


Don’t worry about the edges.  You’ll trim that later.  Set it aside to dry a little.


Take another sheet of construction paper in any color you like and fold it down the middle longways.  You will start cutting at the folded side about a half inch from the top, stopping about a half inch from the end, so you do not cut all the way through.

Keep going all the way down exactly the same way.


Open it.

Now, we will fold the outside of our lantern.


Once you bring both ends together, secure them with a stapler.  Glue dots can be used with little ones as well.


That is the outside of your lantern.  Next, trim the construction paper covered with tissue paper.  You will want to remove all the extra tissue plus about an inch off the long side.  I usually trim the tissue paper first.

Roll the tissue-covered construction paper.



Put the tissue-covered construction paper into the lantern to get an idea of how much will need to be trimmed.

Trim accordingly.  You will want the lantern to flare out some.

Use a stapler or glue dots to attach the flame to the lantern.  If you’re using glue dots, the flame portion will need to be drier than it would if you’re using a stapler.

Cut a strip of construction paper to make a handle.  Attach the handle with a stapler or glue dots.


That is it!  Simple, cute, and so much fun.


  Lantern Craft

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