A Portable Wipe-Off Board

Did you know that you can use a laminated file folder as a portable wipe-off board?  I don’t think you can get any cheaper or easier.

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portable wipe-off board

Home education is school without borders.  This is just one more tool in our arsenal.  We can do school any place, any time, with little trouble or supplies.  I can’t tell you how many lessons we covered on car rides or hovering in the back of a room where another of my children is doing an extra-curricular activity.

Just take a file folder.  Any color.  Any style.  Any type will do.  I chose this one with a graph paper-style inside because it is better for math.  Get it laminated.  Voila!  You now have a portable wipe-off board.  You can use any wet or dry erase markers to practice writing, spelling, math, etc. while you’re on the go.


To Remove Permanent Marker from your portable wipe-off board.

Did someone accidentally use a permanent marker?  Don’t sweat.  The same thing happened to me.  See the picture below.  Someone wrote 866 in permanent marker.



Can you tell how well-loved and used our file folder is?


Getting rid of the 866 is simple.  Just take an actual dry erase marker and cover the image like I did with this last 6 below.



Next, just take a paper towel and erase the dry erase.  The permanent marker will come off with it.  See below.



These are really great on long car rides, too.  Your little ones can play tic tac toe or hangman.  They can write, draw, or play word games.  You can even trick them into doing school practice by calling it a “car game”.


P.S.  Outside of homeschooling, these are great to bring to mommy meetings.  You have a place to take quick notes as well as a place to stash your papers.  Two paper clips on one end can keep your papers in place, too.

A Portable Wipe-Off Board

Affiliate links are included.  Commissions from these links help to support this blog.  Thank you.

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