11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for your Homeschool

11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for Your Homeschool

  The purpose of a test is to evaluate whether or not the students have mastered a skill, understand a topic, or retain specific knowledge.  Paper tests are efficient in that they are relatively quick and easy to grade.  I have nothing against paper tests.  In fact, I use paper tests a good bit in […]

Homeschool Moms Ain’t Got No Time to Cook

Did you notice the grammatical error or two in my title?  Based on my time spent in the homeschooling community, I figured that grammatical errors were the best way to get a homeschool mom’s attention.  LOL I have no time to cook, and I know that I’m not alone. Because I know some of you […]

Homeschool Holiday Gift Guide 2016 is filled with gifts that parents and grandparents can feel good about giving.

Homeschool Holiday Gift Guide 2016

  As my children grew up, I always looked for gifts that were more than just fluff.  I loved giving them books, educational toys, instruments, sports equipment, and crafts.  I enjoyed giving gifts that encouraged us to play and learn together.  Now, not all of the gifts my children received were high quality educational activities, […]

Buddy Bison Goes to Yellowstone Giveaway Ends May 26 *ENDED*

Are you looking for current giveaways?  Click Here!   Attention Parents & Grandparents!  Are you looking for a cool way to keep your children engaged in learning this summer?  Check out these cool new books below then scroll down for a chance to win the Buddy Bison Goes to Yellowstone pair!  Good Luck! Affiliate links are included! […]

The Day Math Brought Tears & Broken Pencils

That particular homeschool day did not start with tears or frustration. The math lesson itself started uneventfully.  It was a normal day…until it wasn’t. That morning started with the cats nudging me awake to feed them (not because they were out of food…my husband had put out some hard food for them.  They were wanting the […]

Is My Homeschooler Missing Out?

I just got this question from a reader.  I started to answer in the comments, but my answer got away with me.  I thought it was best to answer here. Is my homeschooler missing out? Home schooling has been something that has crossed mine and my husband’s mind, but do you feel like your child […]

How To Reclaim a Little “Me Time” When You Can’t Afford an Official School Break

It’s been one of those months.  I just need to reclaim a little “Me Time”. You know!  The dirty laundry is always a couple days ahead of me… or more.  The cats have discovered a new way to mess something up.  I have far more household projects than time to do them.  Even this blog has […]