Is My Homeschooler Missing Out?

I just got this question from a reader.  I started to answer in the comments, but my answer got away with me.  I thought it was best to answer here. Is my homeschooler missing out?

Home schooling has been something that has crossed mine and my husband’s mind, but do you feel like your child is missing out? Or do you think they gain more from staying home?


I had your same fears once!

When I first started homeschooling, I was terrified that my children would miss out on typical coming of age things, but my fears have not panned out at all. We live in an area with a strong homeschooling community. This helps greatly. There are every type of homeschool social group imaginable in this area. There are so many opportunities, groups, sports, activities, and events that we really have to pick and choose. Instead of missing out, my children have far more than they would in public school.

The world really is our classroom!

We can take all the field trips we want. When we took Biology, we joined the zoo. We nearly have the local museum memorized. Even a trip to the grocery store has been a great source of education on consumer economics, budgeting, nutrition, and social skills.

In all honesty, we do miss out on some things… I don’t mind.

I will admit that they are missing out on a few things. To my knowledge, no one has ever offered them drugs nor alcohol. They have never been invited to join a gang nor have they been threatened by a gang. Both of these are very real issues in our local public school. They don’t have to wear those ugly uniforms everyday. They don’t have to ask permission to use the bathroom or get water. They are also missing the utter nonsense that is Common Core. I am grateful that my kids are missing out.

My children are not just siblings, they are good friends.

On the flip side, we have gained so much. My children really love each other. My daughter is away at Bible College. She only calls me when something is wrong or she needs a recipe. She calls her brothers regularly just to talk. They each have their own friends, but the relationship they have with each other is so much more.

We have time to explore each of their passions.

They each have had the time to pursue their passions. My daughter spent a great deal of time working in Children’s Ministry before deciding to be a Children’s Minister. My oldest son is pursuing computer certifications. My youngest son is the most diverse. He likes to play soccer more than anything, but he also plays guitar and is on a bowling league.

We can test the waters, too.

I knew a homeschool mom whose daughter wanted to go into politics. They spent a semester working a political campaign. After the semester, her daughter changed her mind. This was time well spent. Having the time to figure out what isn’t right for them can be just as important as figuring out what is right.

Final Thoughts

I have been homeschooling for 9 years.  The public school system as well as a private school network has been available to me for every one of those years.  If at any time I felt like my children would have been better off at public or private school, they would be there.  I want what’s best for my children, and right now, homeschooling is definitely it!

Homeschooling is definitely not for everyone.  If you enjoy spending time with your children and you are serious about making certain that they become educated and polite members of society, homeschooling just might be for you.

Is My Homeschooler Missing Out-

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