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We look forward to bowling league starting every year.  We just love bowling.  There is the excitement of the game and the camaraderie of socializing with our friends.  As a mom, I enjoy socializing with the moms, too.

my boys standing in front of the bowling center

Here they are in front of the bowling center.

We arrived early because we just could not wait.  The anticipation of the league starting was almost more than my boys could handle.  My son tried to get me to leave an hour early… by mistake, but still.

We get to the bowling alley, get their shoes and balls prepared, and talk… and talk… and talk.   Actually, there is a good bit of talking while we bowl as well.

boys ready to bowl

Isaac started league with a bang.  He scored a 158, a 208, and another 158.  This is not going to be good for his handicap.  Good thing it is a team sport.  I hope his teammates have decent handicaps.

Zachary started the league a little quieter with a 98, a 111, and 136.  He should have a decent handicap.  Hopefully, his average will climb.


More fun times with friends are to come.  We love our teammates.  We love the wonderful lady who heads the league.  We have so much to look forward to enjoying this year.

We have a Christmas party to look forward to attending.  We have an award’s party in April.  Last year, Isaac won the Highest Handicap Game for boys in the league.  We’ll see if he can keep that title.  We will me making lots of wonderful memories this year and many of them will happen right here at bowling league.


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