Homeschool Moms Ain’t Got No Time to Cook

Did you notice the grammatical error or two in my title?  Based on my time spent in the homeschooling community, I figured that grammatical errors were the best way to get a homeschool mom’s attention.  LOL I have no time to cook, and I know that I’m not alone.

Because I know some of you got a nice headache from the title, I’ll just drop this right here…

Homeschool Moms Have No Time to Cook

Feel better now?  I hope that helps.

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Homeschool moms are expected to cook because we are home all day.

I don’t know what it’s like around your house, but I am responsible for making sure everyone gets fed.  From my brief, unscientific survey, it appears as though most homeschool moms are in charge of feeding the family.  We are, quite often, expected to cook for our family “since we are home all day, after all.”   Seriously, you would think teenaged boys and a grown man could figure it out for themselves.  Even elementary-aged children can make themselves a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

The problem, as I see it, is that we are NEVER home.  Okay, “never” is harsh and blatantly untrue.  It feels like we are never home.  I feel like I spend day after day as an unpaid Uber driver chauffeuring my children from one activity to another.  I’m doing very well to simply wash my hair a couple times a week.  Martha Stewart-esque dinners will likely never happen.  Can I get an “Amen”?

Been there.  Done that.  Bought the t-shirt.

Homeschool moms ain't got no time to cook t-shirt

Even those days that I am home ALL DAY LONG are BUSY!  Those are the days that I do everything that I can’t do from or in my car.  Homeschooling is just “home” without the “schooling”.  We actually do schoolwork… and housework… and yardwork…

Homeschooling is just home without the schooling.

I’m sure the Martha Stewart of Memphis Homeschooling exists.  I hope I never meet her.  I’m sure the radiance of her countenance would be too much for me to handle.  Her radiance might even set my greasy hair on fire.  I just can’t chance that.

While I am sure that there are homeschool moms out there cooking hand-tossed pizzas from scratch in their custom-built pizza ovens… you know… the one that their middle-school aged kids built as a project.  I am doing very well to spend 10 minutes in the morning tossing dinner ingredients into a slow cooker or dropping chicken breasts into a marinade for a quick grill at dinner.  I might even buy a pre-cooked meal at Costco.  *gasp*

My children will still grow up to be reasonably well-adjusted adults which says a lot considering who raised them.  My dinners might not be gourmet, but they are filling and delicious.  I’ll have more time for gourmet meals after my children leave home.  I might even use gourmet meals as an incentive to lure my children back home to visit.

Homeschool Moms Ain't Got No Time to Cook

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