Cat Costume: Gearing Up for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?  Have you purchased your cat costume yet?  Will you be passing out treats to the neighborhood kitties along with the kiddies?

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Halloween ideas for your cats!


Most years, we attend some sort of event at church, but my children have always loved the costume part most… not just for Halloween.  They dressed up year round until they were too old and cool for that.  Even now as teens, they still have a sense of style that shows that their love of fancy dress is still there.

This was my first year buying costumes for my cats.  I loved it!  They are just so cute.  Before I show you just how adorable they can be all dressed up in costumes, I want to assure you that only one cat seemed at all upset by the costume.  We took him out of the costume as soon as we saw that he was unhappy.  No blog post is worth upsetting our cats.


Sailor Cat Costume

Razzmatazz is wearing our Sailor Costume.  He was one of our most cooperative cats… which is not normal.  He strutted and posed like he really thought he was doing something really special.  Once he laid down, I snapped a couple last pictures then called it a day.  He is such a handsome sailor, and I’m pretty sure that he knows it, too.


Batman Cat Costume

Noire is wearing a Batman Cat Costume because we frequently call him The Dark Knight.  Noire was pretty cooperative.  He just didn’t want to stand up.  This costume looks so much better with his standing.  He looks quite handsome regardless.



Caterpillar Cat Costume

Callie is wearing a Caterpillar Cat Costume.  I bought this one at PetSmart.  Callie has such long, thick fur and likes to stretch out long so we frequently call her our “Callie-pillar”.  I couldn’t resist this costume for her.  She seemed rather confused by the costume.  She didn’t seem to be unhappy nor uncomfortable.  She was just not sure what was happening.  We kept it short.  You know, just in case.



Bumblebee Cat Costume

Winnie is wearing a Bumblebee Cat Costume.  Winnie has worn this costume before and didn’t seem to mind.  Today, he was not having it.  I did manage to snap these two pictures, but he didn’t like it, and we weren’t going to make him do it.


New Halloween Traditions

This was a lot of fun and might even be a new tradition.  For Halloween, I think I will dress them up (as tolerated).  While I’m picking up treats for the neighborhood kids, I will be picking up treats for the neighborhood kitties as well.  Halloween can be a difficult holiday for stray cats.  Look out for them and report any suspicious behavior.

Cat Costume: Gearing Up For Halloween

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