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Winnie has always technically been my daughter’s cat even after she moved away for Bible College.  She has finally gotten an apartment that is pet-friendly and wants her precious Winnie to come live with her.  On Friday, we will be saying, “Good-bye” to one of our fur babies, but this time it is due to happy circumstances.  He will be going to live with my daughter so it is a great time to shop for cat gifts.

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Of course, we will still get to see him.  He is still a family member.  He is still very much loved, in spite of all the trouble he causes, and we will miss him very much.

Speaking of trouble…

Winnie makes a mess

Winnie is the kitty who likes to pull everything out of drawers.  He emptied this drawer this morning.  He even photo bombed this pic while I was documenting his mischief.  Ain’t he cute?

Being cute is what keeps him alive because he is always up to something naughty.  He has learned to open door knobs (round ones) so we have to put bowling balls and other heavy items in front of certain doors.  All his mischief makes it a little easier to let him go, but he is so cute and sweet that we will still miss him a lot.

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I’m going to miss him so much that I’m sending him off with cat gifts.

What do you give a cat who has been a member of the family for so long?  

winnie's going away gifts

These are all of his favorite things!  He loves cat treats!  I threw in his favorite toys that he uses here including my make-up brush.  He actually likes that more than the catnip-filled toys.  I considered buying him his own, but I know that he prefers the used ones.

Every morning, when I get up, the cats come running to me.  I get a cat parade leading me to the kitchen each morning…because they get soft food.  I don’t give them much.  I actually divide one can of food between the 4 cats each morning (They get hard food the rest of the day).  They love it and look forward to it each morning.  I am sending Winnie some soft food for his new home.

You’re probably wondering about the straws and Q-tips.  LOL  One night, I brought a glass of ice water with a straw to bed with me.  The next morning, the glass was still sitting on my nightstand, but the straw was gone.  Later in the day, Winnie came tearing through the living room swatting at something.  Yep!  It was my straw.  He has lost and found that straw so many times.  We occasionally throw in a fresh straw, too.  I’m not sure where his straws are (probably under the piano or sofa), but I’m sending him a box of straws.


Winnie has also been known to swipe Q-tips from the box.   He goes to great lengths to find and steal them.  He is just so funny!

If I find his ear bud part that he stole from me long ago, I will drop that in the bag, too.  Somewhere inside that gift bag, he will find a piece of my heart as well as pieces of the hearts of my husband and boys.  We will miss him so much, but we are so happy that he will get to be back home with his “Mommy”!

We love you, Winnie!  We will miss you so much!


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