Using Catnip Spray on Forgotten Toys & Furniture

As I was walking the aisles of WalMart, a cat condo caught my eye.  As soon as I saw it, I could easily imagine my kitties curling up inside.  My cats did not share my vision.  They ignored it entirely until I tried some catnip spray.

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Catnip spray encouraged Taz to nap inside.

I was shopping with my teen son, Zachary, when I spotted the cat condo, and he immediately predicted that the cats would all ignore it.  As a matter of fact, in the picture above you can also see my cats’ favorite cat toy… the drinking straw on the floor.  I keep buying cat toys and spending more and more money, while they prefer free old bread ties or drinking straws that cost a penny.  I knew that Zachary was probably right… unless…

Taz and Winnie love the cat condo after a spritz of cat spray.

I searched the shelves for an idea, and that’s when I spotted the catnip spray.  My cats love catnip so I knew that I just had to try it.  I grabbed the cat condo and catnip spray and headed for the checkout.  I was determined that this would be the purchased cat item that my cats would actually enjoy.

Taz and Winnie explore the cat condo with encouragement from catnip spray.

I get home, unload, and unwrap the cat condo and set it up in my living room near my desk.  Eventually, one of the cats became curious and rubbed against the side a little bit, but that was ALL.  No other cat curiosity.  No cat exploration, and definitely no cat love.

Taz loves the condo after a spritz of catnip spray.

I pulled out the catnip spray and gave the cat condo a thorough spritzing.  I spritzed inside.  I spritzed outside.  That’s when little kitty cat noses all around began to twitch.  They sniffed the air and edged closer and closer to the cat condo.

Callie sniffs and licks the cat condo after a spritz of catnip spray.

Callie, pictured above, was the first to sniff the condo.  Before I knew it, she was licking the condo and rubbing all over the outside.  Within a few hours, all four of our cats had curled up inside of it.

Taz and Winnie love the cat condo after a spritz of catnip spray.

We have now had our cat condo for several months.  Taz, our orange and white cat pictured above, likes to sit on top of it quite often.  I still give the cat condo a good spritz of catnip spray occasionally.  Each time that I spray it, the cats rediscover it for the first time all over again.

If you have some cat furniture or a cat toy that has lost favor with your kitties, try a little catnip spray.  Your kitties will thank you.

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