Day 2 of Celebrating My Birthday

And my birthday isn’t until tomorrow.

I am so blessed!

We had a lovely morning at church.  I was given the sweetest card from the Children’s Minister.  It was truly touching.


After church, we went to my mother’s house.

Below is a picture of my mother and I with my daughter making a duck face behind us.  She is so silly.


She made a classic Cajun shrimp boil with potatoes, onions, and garlic.

Cajun shrimp boil

It was truly amazing!  I ate so much.  For dessert, she made a fruit salad.  She mixed fresh and canned fruit.  She left the juice in the canned fruit.  She then added a packet of banana pudding.  She also had some coconut in there.  It was really good.

Fruit Salad


After we ate our fill, my youngest son played his guitar for us.

 Thinking Out Loud

 Hey Joe

After we left my mom’s house, my husband brought me to TCBY.  I just love their chocolate almond milk frozen yogurt.  It makes me very happy.

Mike and I at TCBY

It was an incredible day, and my birthday isn’t even until tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I plan to hang out with my sister and her twin babies.  I’m sure you will hear all about it.  Until then…

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