It’s My Birthday!!!!!!

I had an amazing day!  

My kids surprised me with some really sweet and thoughtful gifts.

Birthday Gift From My Boys
Birthday Gift From My Boys

My boys chipped in together to get the decoration (pictured above) for me.  They know their mom so well.

My daughter bought me this dragonfly wind chime.
My daughter bought me this dragonfly wind chime.

dragonfly wind chime

After my miscarriage, the dragonfly became a special symbol to me because I find comfort in picturing my son running through Heavenly fields surrounded by dragonflies.

This was truly a special way to start my morning.

I had given my boys their homeschool assignments for today last week.   They actually did a lot of it over the weekend, but they finished up today without me.

This freed me up to go hang out with my sister and her 1-year-old twin girls.

We played together and sang together.  We went to a couple of stores.  I love that I get to be the aunt and spoil them.  That is so special.

My sister made me a cake.  She couldn’t help but to point out that the whole box of candles did not have enough to reach my age (42).  That didn’t stop her from putting the whole box of candles on the cake.

That's a lot of candles... and still not enough.
That’s a lot of candles… and still not enough.

My sister took me out to Chili’s where my parents met us.  Since I am on Chili’s email list, I got a free dessert.  They even sang a birthday song to me which my nieces thought was wonderful.  I order the flatbread which was so good.

Mergheritta Flatbread was really good.
Mergheritta Flatbread was really good.

We ended out evening by going for a swim at my sister’s house.  The water was the perfect temperature.  It was so nice and relaxing.

After swimming, I went home to find that my husband had grilled chicken for dinner.  My daughter had made sides including her amazing garlic mashed potatoes.  They were so good.  To top it all off, they bought me my favorite cupcakes.


For those who are keeping count, that would be 3 desserts in one day.  Well, actually that would be 4.  My husband had a king size candy bar sitting on my desk when I got home.  I’m saving that for another day.

Do I feel spoiled today?  You betcha!

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