Giving Thanks #Giveaway Hop Ends Nov. 29 *ENDED*

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Welcome to the Giving Thanks #Giveaway Hop!  I am so excited to get to participate in this fabulous giveaway hop with all these talented and generous bloggers.  You can enter as many or as few giveaways as you like.  Start by entering my giveaway below.  When you are done, simply hop on over to any other blog on the linky list below.  Keep on hopping until you have entered all of the giveaways that interest you.  Pretty simple, huh?  Good Luck!

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***I made a mistake.  It happens sometimes, right?  I forgot to change the amount of my giveaway on the  tweet in the Giveaway Tools from $25 to $15.  My mistake is your gain.  I am now giving away a $25 gift card since you have all been tweeting that.  Good Luck!***


Giving Thanks #Giveaway Hop


Have you entered the Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop? Lots of bloggers & Lots of prizes available!


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Trisha Dishes prize is:

$25 Amazon Gift Card

This will be emailed directly to the winner’s email address of choice after contacting and verifying the winner.  Good Luck!

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Many bloggers have come together to bring you some amazing prizes! Each prize is worth a minimum of $15, but some are worth much more. There is no limit to how many you can win – so enter them all! GOOD LUCK!

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Trisha Kilpatrick is a homeschooling mother of three. She has a degree in Education with a double major in Elementary and Special Education, but she is more proud of her countless hours of volunteer work in Children’s Church. She believes that all children can learn and that, in life, simple is almost always best. *Affiliate links are used on this site. I may be compensated when you click on or buy from these links. If you have any questions, you can contact me at questions@trishadishes.com .

28 comments on “Giving Thanks #Giveaway Hop Ends Nov. 29 *ENDED*

  1. Some years I bake cookies for friends & coworkers and some I make small ornaments or little gifts. Every year I buy gifts for a child from the giving tree.

  2. We try and spread joy during the holiday season by helping those less fortunate than us. We like to donate to the food bank, as well as toy drives.

  3. My favorite way to spread joy on a daily basis is to give someone I care about a hug or to make them laugh and smile. It brightens up your day and theirs.

  4. WE like to find a needy family to do some things for during the Holiday Season. It is a great way to teach children that the season is about giving and doing for others, not just getting

  5. My favorite way to spread joy and kindness during the holiday season is by making fudge and giving it to my friends, family and neighbors.

  6. I bake quite a lot of sweets for Christmas and will make a tin for the neighbors as a little gift for everyone.

    Judy Cox

  7. My favorite way to spread joy and kindness during the holiday season is by making gingerbread men and women cookies for my neighbors!

  8. I try to spread joy on a daily basis. I say hi to everyone I meet on the street, and smile. I think little bits of kindness can go a long way. I look for ways to connect with people and make them feel special. Sometimes just a smile, sometimes listening, and sometimes just emailing someone to tell them I miss them.

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