My Mother’s Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

Of course, you can’t decorate for Christmas without a Christmas tree!

So after decorating my mother’s stair railing Here, my next project was the Christmas tree.  My mother chose gold ornaments and ribbon with some pops of burgundy and red up top with the poinsettia flowers and decorations at the top.

top of the Christmas tree

We added lots of fanfare at the top by wrapping floral wire to attach the decorations and poinsettias to the branches.  At times, we needed two branches to support the decorations.  My mother made a large bow to top her tree.  I added the ribbon cascading down the tree.  The ribbon is actually two different shades of gold with the smaller ribbon nestled on top of the larger ribbon.

My mother chose some cool lights, too!

Christmas tree with multicolor lights       white lights on a Christmas tree

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This is the same tree, but with a flip of a switch, the lights change from all white to multi-colored.  They can also flash back and forth.  It’s like two trees in one.  The white lights are so classy with the gold trim, but the colored lights are fun… especially for the grandchildren.

We’re having fun getting ready for the holidays!  I hope you’re having fun, too.

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