Simple Yet Festive Christmas Decor for the Stairs Railing

It’s a tradition!

Every year, my mother invites me over to her house to decorate for Christmas.  Christmas comes early at her house, at least in part, because both of her brothers’ families visit each Thanksgiving, and we all have an early Christmas with one another.  We look forward to it every year, but my mother insists that her Christmas decorations are entirely up before her family arrives for Thanksgiving.

No more garland!

For the last several years, we have been putting a large garland full of lights and ornaments on her railing going up the stairs.  It is usually beautiful, but the railing becomes essentially non-existent, and guests are forced to use the wall for balance.  No one wants hands rubbing all over the walls.  My mother especially would not like that right now since her best friend made a beautiful Memory Wall for my mother.  We had to come up with another solution to decorate without covering the railing.

Here is our solution:

Christmas stairs decor

We love it because it is simple and elegant with the perfect festive touch without covering the hand rail.


How it is made

We started with two evergreen sprigs from a craft store.  These had lovely little pinecones already attached.

2 evergreen sprigs

Next we flipped one of the sprigs upside down and laid them together.  I found a piece of metal wire that perfectly twisted to hold the sprigs together on each end.  A piece of floral wire would work just as well to secure the sprigs.

attaching sprigs

The two sprigs secured together now look like one long sprig.

sprigs secured

Gather your decorations.  We found this lovely burlap poinsettia and berry sprig.  We placed them  together.

flower and berries

Next, we attached them to the sprigs with floral wire.

floral wire attaching the decorations

We made a bow.


We used floral wire to attach the bow to the sprigs to cover anything undesirable like sticks or posts etc.

completed craft

I used floral wire to attach the decoration to the railing.

Christmas stairs decor

We made a few more to go up the stairs.

Christmas decor for the stairs

From a different angle.

Christmas decor

You can see the Memory Wall in this shot, too.


It really was the perfect solution to the hand rail dilemma.  The hand rail is free.  The Memory Wall is safe, and the decorations are lovely.

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  1. yes Trisha, you neglected to say how much your mother appreciates your talent and creativity. Plus the added bonus of spending the day with you doing things I like.
    Love my decorator!!

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