My Christmas Tree 2016: Garden Theme

Few things in life can make me feel like a kid again.  My Christmas tree is definitely one of those things.  Just looking at a Christmas tree can bring back all the wonder and excitement of childhood.  The Trisha Dishes Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme which adds elements of romance and a touch of femininity.   Although, my boys have informed me that there is no such thing as a masculine Christmas tree.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but this tree certainly isn’t masculine at all.

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My Christmas Tree 2016

We have a tall and slender pencil-shaped tree for space.  Our vaulted ceilings demand a taller tree while our living space is limited requiring a slender tree.  This tree, while certainly not for everyone, is perfect for our space.


My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

Last year’s Christmas tree, was teal & silver with lots of dragonflies and butterflies.  I had decorated it in honor of Wyatt, the baby I lost a few years ago.  Regardless of the theme I use from year to year, Wyatt will always have a light blue train ornament tucked away somewhere.  Since the dragonflies and butterflies on our tree already had a certain garden-like feel, adding flowers and birds just felt right.

My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

I am most at home in my garden.  I love digging in the dirt, pruning, planting, and nurturing my garden.  My desk is placed in such a way that I can watch the birds & squirrels throughout the day.  To quote Julie Andrews, “These are a few of my favorite things.”  Therefore, it is a fitting theme for my favorite time of year.

I added pink, green, and white colors to my teal and silver from last year’s tree.  Pastels just feel right for a garden themed tree.

My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

I found that decorating went easier by placing my largest flowers first.  Most of the stems needed to be cut.  Some of them tucked away perfectly in the branches without floral wire.  The rest were neatly secured with floral wire.  After placing the largest flowers, I placed half of the smaller flowers and reserved the other small flowers to fill in spots when the tree is almost done.

My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Tree almost as much as I am.  The Christmas Tree can be so much more than just a decoration when it is decorated with meaning.

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Tree 2016 has a garden theme.

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