My Christmas Tree 2015

I love everything about Christmas!  I love the lights, the scents, the music, the movies, the TV specials, the decorations, the wonder, the excitement, the generosity, the Nativity, and the Christmas tree.  Come see what fun we had decorating our Christmas Tree 2015 in honor of my son, Wyatt.

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Today is my son Wyatt’s angelversary!

For those of you who don’t know what an angelversary is.  An angelversary is the anniversary of the day I said, “Good-bye” to him.  On November 16, 2012, I delivered a beautiful but sleeping baby boy who only reached 16 weeks gestation.

I chose the dragon fly as a special symbol to remember him because I frequently picture him running through Heavenly fields surrounded by beautifully colored dragon flies.  The dragon fly is a central theme on my Christmas tree.  I have handsome turquoise dragon flies, butterflies, and bulbs on my tree in memory of Wyatt.

I chose silver to complement the turquoise.  My star, many bulbs, and even a couple of dragon flies are silver.

Christmas Tree 2015

Christmas Tree 2015     Christmas Tree 2015

A Closer Look at the Top

Christmas tree top

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Cat under our Christmas tree 2015 with jingle bells hanging

We placed jingle bells on all the lower branches.  This is supposed to discourage our cats from getting into the tree.  I hope it works.


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