Thrift Store & Antique Shopping in Memphis, TN

Thrift Stores, and Antiques, and Junk!  Oh My!

My dad and I like to get together about once a month just to spend time together.  Our favorite outing, by far, is hitting as many local thrift and antique stores as we can.  The best place to do that in Memphis is heading down Summer Avenue.  We’re not heavy spenders on these trips, but we have a blast.

Our First Stop

Our First Stop

First, we stopped at the Antique Warehouse Mall.  This place is huge and the path through the building snakes around to reveal, what appears to be, 100s of vendors.

One vendor's room

Here is one niche set up like a room in a home.

antique dress          Music


Garage Style Items         antique cash register

They have antique clothing, dishes, appliances, music, furniture, decorations,… you name it.

dinner bell         suitcases

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, something else will catch your eye.

view of the store

We easily spent the most time here because it is like dozens upon dozens of small shops all together in one place… like a mall.  Hmmm.  I guess their name suits them.

Our Second Stop

Junk Store         Junk Store

My dad and my favorite Junk Store is turning into a Mattress Shop.  While we’re sorry to see the change, they are still trying to sell off all the junk left by the previous owner.

Junk in junk store         more junk


more junk

As you can see, it may be a while before it gets sold.  We’ll be back.

Across the Street

Mid-South Outlet


The Mid-South Outlet is right across the street.  We didn’t get a chance to visit today, but we usually do.

Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures also shares a storefront with Mid-South Outlet.  We didn’t stop in today, but they have a lot of great stuff… mostly furniture.


Our Third Stop

My favorite store on our agenda (and my dad’s least favorite) is Chip-N-Dales Antiques.  The entrance is in back of the store.

Chip-N-Dales Antiques

Pictured above is the entrance around back.

depression glass         antique furniture


This is my absolute favorite store.  My money just wants to jump out of my purse so badly there.

Our Fourth Stop

Our fourth stop was just across the street from Chip-N-Dales Antiques.  Summer Outlet has a lot of vintage clothes, books, toys, and knickknacks.

summer outlet a great thrift store        summer outlet

This is the view from out front.  It is a short walk from Buried Treasures, like across a parking lot short.

thrift store         thrift store


And this sign below at our last stop (Summer Outlet) just made me laugh.  I’m sure it’s not funny for the owners, though.

funny plumbing sign




If you like thrift stores and antiques as much as I do, you should definitely drive down Summer Avenue next time you’re in Memphis, TN.

We had a blast, and I’m sure you would, too!

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