Sowing Seeds In Good Soil Craft

This Sunday, I get to teach the littles at our church about sowing seeds in good soil.  This is the craft I have planned to go with the Bible story.

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Sowing Seeds in Good Soil

Matthew 13: 3-23



Copies of a simple scene that includes a path, a rocky area, a weeded area, and an area of good soil

Glue (bottles of white glue preferred for this)

Beans or Seeds



Sowing Seeds Parable Craft - Paper
Sowing Seeds Parable Craft – Paper

Sowing Seeds in Good Soil – printable


I drew out a simple scene with a path, some weeded area, a rocky area, and a nice big patch of good soil.  I traced them all in marker then colored with crayon.  I made color copies for each child.


I will swirl glue onto the copied page for each child as pictured below.

Be generous with the glue.
Be generous with the glue.


Allow the children to smear the glue well over the picture.  I have to admit that I had a lot of fun doing this for the sample craft.  The littles will liked it, too.



Add beans or seeds all over the picture just as the farmer in Jesus’s parable.  This is a good time to remind the littles (or to gauge their memory) of what happened to the seeds that fell in each of the places.


The seeds have been sown.
The seeds have been sown.

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