Jesus Is The Vine & We Are The Branches Craft John 15: 1-17

Tonight, I get to teach a fabulous group of children from John 15: 1-17 about how Jesus is the vine.  This section of Scripture includes, “I am the vine; you are the branches.”  This is such a beautiful and powerful verse.  I am so excited.

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I have prepared two short crafts to go with the lesson since we only have one hour on Wednesdays.

First Craft

Jesus is the vine, and I am the branch.

The first craft is very direct.  I simply wrote “Jesus” in cursive with a long, viney line in front and back.  I made a copy for each child.

photo 1 (17)

Jesus Is the Vine

Next, I will have the students write their own name coming off of the name of Jesus (preferably in brown or green marker or crayon) and connect the letters if they printed.

photo 2 (18)

It is a very literal craft.  Jesus’s name is written as a vine while we write our own name as the branch.

Second Craft

Vine with Fingerprint Fruit and Leaves

The second craft is, well, more crafty.  I drew a vine with lots of swoops and swirls coming off of the vine.  I made a copy for each child.

photo 3 (11) Jesus Is the Vine printable

Tonight, I will have the kids dip their finger in water then into green watercolor paint.  They will dab the vine to make fingerprint leaves all over.  They can even use the purple to make bunches of grapes.  Below is my sample craft.

photo 4 (11)


I hope the children enjoy this lesson because I know I will enjoy it.

I was so blessed to be able to teach the littles at church that Jesus is the vine.

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