My Autumn Wreath

I am so ready for autumn that I’m making my autumn wreath!

Who’s with me?  I am so over summer.  I look forward to summer coming every year just as much as I look forward to it leaving every year.  LOL  I am fickle that way.  

Right now, I am just ready for autumn.  I am ready for crisp breezes, changing leaves, sweaters, autumn colors everywhere, and, most importantly,…

Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING!!!

If you’re following me on Facebook, you likely will have noticed that some of our favorite products are getting an autumn overhaul with cinnamon, apple, caramel, maple, and, of course, pumpkin flavors.  If you’re not following me on Facebook, you can check out that article HERE.  You should really consider following me.  You can find my Facebook page on the right side of this (and every) post.  *Shameless plug*

In anticipation of Autumn, I made my autumn wreath.

I am all about premature decorations!  If I get started on my autumn decorations now, by the time autumn actually rolls around, I’ll be….  well… probably getting started on Christmas.  LOL  I think it is the change that excites me more than the actual season.

Enough with the chit chat!  Here it is.

photo 4 (2)

I actually bought everything here from WalMart except the grapevine wreath itself, but WalMart does carry those, too.  I used floral wire to attach everything so nothing is really permanent.  Did I mention that I like change?

I hope that I have inspired you to dream some autumn dreams and to plan some autumn crafts.  So grab some candy corn and get to work.


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Grapevine Wreath, 10-Inch

Raffia Scarecrows on Stakes

Floral Wire

Burlap Ribbon

Autumn Flower Bouquet

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