Mac and Cheese with Egg #Recipe in the Slow Cooker

My Great Aunt Electa made a baked macaroni and cheese with eggs that was absolutely delightful.  This dish was a favorite of my sister and I growing up.  Due to a combination of business, laziness, and fondness for my slow cooker, I decided to adapt this Mac and Cheese with Egg recipe for the slow […]

FunBites Green Squares Shaped Food Cutter #GIVEAWAY Ends Dec. 4 *ENDED*

Are you looking for current giveaways?  Click Here! FunBites would be a great way to make sandwich bites for potlucks, holiday parties, appetizers, and more.  They would also be a great way to get the littles to eat a healthy lunch before heading off to a party.  So many great ideas!  If you would like […]

Squash Potato Soup Recipe

Squash Potato Soup #Recipe

My daughter is home after graduating from Bible College.  She got a good job at a local doctor’s office (Yay!), but she frequently has to take lunches at her desk.  She requested that I make this squash potato soup recipe for her since it can be easily warmed in a microwave and even sipped out […]

Jerry's Sno Cones is a must-visit in Memphis in the summer.

Jerry’s Sno Cones is a Memphis Fixture

After living in Memphis for 20 years, I finally made my way to Jerry’s Sno Cones on Wells Station Road in Memphis.  I have heard people rave about Jerry’s since we first moved here, but we live a good bit away from Jerry’s.  I just couldn’t see the logic in driving that far for a […]

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole #Recipe

My daughter is home for the summer.  She recently graduated with an Associate’s Degree and is home making future plans.  She requested chicken broccoli rice casserole for dinner.  Of course, I had to oblige. Affiliate Links are Included.  Commissions from these links help to support this blog.   This recipe is a little more complicated […]

Funbites #Giveaway Ends April 25 *ENDED*

Are you looking for current giveaways?  Click Here! If you’re looking to purchase these fun gadgets, you can purchase them through my affiliate link below.  Commissions made through these links help to support this blog. Oh my goodness!  Aren’t these just adorable?  I wouldn’t mind having my food cut into fun shapes.  If you have […]