Creamy Potato Soup Recipe from the Slow Cooker

Creamy Potato Soup #Recipe from the Slow Cooker

My husband gets very excited when we eat out at a restaurant, and the “Soup of the Day” is a Creamy Potato Soup.  I knew I would have to master the creamy potato soup recipe for him, and this recipe is “Husband Approved”. Affiliate links are included.  I make a small commission off of sales […]

Squash Potato Soup Recipe

Squash Potato Soup #Recipe

My daughter is home after graduating from Bible College.  She got a good job at a local doctor’s office (Yay!), but she frequently has to take lunches at her desk.  She requested that I make this squash potato soup recipe for her since it can be easily warmed in a microwave and even sipped out […]

Slow Cooker Ranch Potatoes #Recipe

I was looking for a good side dish to make with my sloppy joes.  A good side dish has to be just as easy as my sloppy joe recipe while still being delicious at the same time.  Slow cooker ranch potatoes was the perfect option.  I tossed them into a separate slow cooker for one […]