Easy Canned Salmon Salad #Recipe

If you’ve been following my recipes for long, you probably realize that my husband is not a fan of fish and seafood.  However, I could eat ONLY fish and seafood for all my life and not complain.  Since I’m too lazy, um, … I mean, “busy”… to cook two meals (Seriously, who needs that kind […]

Squash Potato Soup Recipe

Squash Potato Soup #Recipe

My daughter is home after graduating from Bible College.  She got a good job at a local doctor’s office (Yay!), but she frequently has to take lunches at her desk.  She requested that I make this squash potato soup recipe for her since it can be easily warmed in a microwave and even sipped out […]

Homemade Microwavable Burritos in the Freezer

What’s for lunch?  Homemade Microwavable Burritos From Your Freezer to your Microwave Ready in Minutes *This post contains affiliate links.  I may be compensated for purchases bought through these links.   So, yesterday I posted my oh so easy recipe for refried black beans. SEE IT HERE!  Today, I’m going to tell you how to turn that […]

Using a Lunch Budget to Teach Little Ones About Money

Right about that age when my little ones began to beg for needlessly over-priced products with cartoon images on the front or endless advertising campaigns on their favorite channels, I realized I needed to teach them the value of money.  That is when I began the Lunch Budget.   *This post contains affiliate links.  I […]