11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for your Homeschool

11 Alternatives to Paper Tests for Your Homeschool

  The purpose of a test is to evaluate whether or not the students have mastered a skill, understand a topic, or retain specific knowledge.  Paper tests are efficient in that they are relatively quick and easy to grade.  I have nothing against paper tests.  In fact, I use paper tests a good bit in […]

Color Walk/Alphabet Walk Preschool Activity

  Color Walk/Alphabet Walk Preschool Activity *This post contains affiliate links.  I may receive compensation for purchases made through these links. I just love to go on walks with little ones.  I love nature walks, neighborhood walks, park path walks,… you name it.  We can make that next stroll a walk preschool activity that incorporates learning in […]

Using a Picture File in Your Homeschool

: I love this idea because it is simple, inexpensive, and practical. Starting a picture file is incredibly easy.  You simply collect pictures from magazines, the internet, newspapers, catalogs,… everywhere.  I mounted most of mine onto construction paper.  If I were still teaching outside the home, I would probably laminate them, too.  That seems like […]

Using a Lunch Budget to Teach Little Ones About Money

Right about that age when my little ones began to beg for needlessly over-priced products with cartoon images on the front or endless advertising campaigns on their favorite channels, I realized I needed to teach them the value of money.  That is when I began the Lunch Budget.   *This post contains affiliate links.  I […]