Upcycled Jar Into An Apothecary-Styled Candy Jar

I love upcycled jar projects, because we always have so many jars that would otherwise just get tossed.  This apothecary styled candy jar project is especially useful because I actually need a nice-sized candy jar.  My supply list will be included at the end of this post.

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apothecary pickle jar


Step 1:

Find an empty jar in the right size.  I used an old pickle jar.  It was the best size for a candy jar plus its proportions work with the candle stick.  I used vinegar and baking soda along with “airing it out” to get rid of the pickle scent.

Step 2:

Remove all labels on the jar.  Most of these labels came off nicely soaking in water and using a knife to scrape the glue residue.

Step 3:

Collect an old, but clean candlestick and a wooden finial.  In place of a wooden finial, I used two wooden caps stacked upon each other and glued together.  This worked nicely for me, but a finial would work even nicer.  Actually, an old chess piece or game piece would be fun, too.

wooden caps

Step 4:

Paint!  I really enjoyed painting the pieces for this.  I used a spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze.  I painted the jar’s lid being certain to paint under the lip of the lid.  I painted each wooden cap separately.  I also painted the candlestick.

Painting the top of the candlestick where it would be glued to the jar was a mistake.  Learn from my mistake and try not to paint there.  The glue will adhere better without the paint although the wooden caps and lid adhered without issue in spite of being painted.  *Allow them all to dry completely before going to step 5.*

Step 5:

After all the painted pieces have dried completely, I used an E6000 adhesive to glue each of the pieces together.  There are gnarly warnings about fumes on the tube so I did all my gluing outside.  I glued the wooden caps together then glued them to the lid.  I glued the jar to the candlestick.   I left them outside to dry completely.

The End Result is the candy jar that I have been wanting!

Apothecary styled candy jar

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Supply List:

A Jar

Finial Dowel Cap


E6000 Craft Tube

Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Paint

I just love these jars.






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