Why You Should Be Volunteering At Church

Why You Should Be Volunteering at Church


The Widow of Zarephath

A woman who died thousands of years before I was born is the reason I volunteer at church.  Really!  You can read all about her in 1 Kings chapter 17.  I love her story.  She resonates with me more than most of the people of the Bible.

She is a widow who is extremely poor as most widows were in that time.  She was just about to take the last of her flour and oil to make one last cake.  After the cake was gone, she knew it would only be a matter of time before both herself and her son died of starvation.  Elijah, the prophet of God, told her to give him the cake instead.  She did as the prophet told her and received a miracle from God.  Her flour and oil miraculously never ran out.


I am the widow woman!

Praise God!  I have never been down to my last piece of bread or facing starvation, but I have been down to my last drop of patience… many times.  Many, many times, I have needed a miraculous restoration of patience, kindness, love, joy… you get the idea.


What does this have to do with volunteering at church?

Before the widow could have her miracle, she had to give what she had to God.  She gave her last cake to the prophet.  I give my last drop of patience to the children at church and leave church feeling like my patience will never run out.  I give my time to receive more time.  My days don’t have any more hours than they ever had, but it sure does feel like it.  I give my creativity so that I can receive creative ideas for my home, home school, and even my blog here.  I give whatever I have left, knowing that God will renew it and refresh me.  It works!   I do it because it works.  If you’re not plugged into a volunteer position at your church,…

I dare you to try it!  It works!  Try it!

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