Tinted Jars Craft


I found a craft for even the craft impaired like me.

This is my first craft post.  This is momentous for me because I am certainly craft impaired.  I believe I shared the story of my college art teacher labeling my papier mache sculpture as road kill.  I don’t know if my art skills have improved since then, but I scour the internet for crafts that even I can do.

This colored jar craft just seemed too easy to believe so I had to try it.  The first colored jar pin that I pinned onto my Pinterest board required baking.  It’s just too hot to bake anything that doesn’t include chocolate.  That’s when I found this brilliant version that simply says to let them air dry.

The Cajun in me doesn’t allow me to measure so I didn’t measure anything.  Otherwise, I followed her directions.  If you’re curious, I used the liquid dye, not the gel.  I stuck to blue, green, and combinations of blue & green because they are making me very happy right now.  I think they turned out pretty.  The Snapple bottle on the far left isn’t dry yet.  That is why it looks different.  It is taking longer to dry, but it should dry clear like the rest.

Why I love this craft

One of the reasons I was attracted to this craft was that this is a great way to reuse old jars that were destined for the trash.  There is a little hoarder living in me.  I know he’s there, but I can usually keep him in check.  A couple years ago, I had a pretty good stash of jars in the garage.  My husband talked me into throwing them out.  About a month later, I needed jars for some homeschool projects and had to go out and buy Mason jars.  That makes my little hoarder seethe with anger.

I have another good stash of jars collecting in the garage, so I figured I had better find something to do with them before my husband starts fussing again.  This craft was a perfect fit.  I used lots of old jelly jars, the Snapple bottle, pasta sauce jars, and more.  The most difficult part was scrubbing off the glue and labels.  I still have a lot more jars to do.  I wanted to try it on a few to start.  I used the entire small jar of Mod Podge on these.

This craft is still very much a work in progress.  In addition to adding more colored jars, I also need to do something to dress up the tops.  This site uses a twine string.  I love the twine (as well as the sand & candles), but I think the fish nets are beyond my crafting skills.  I can see that going wrong in far too many ways.

I had a lot of fun with this and hope to have a lot more adding some finishing touches.  I hope you will consider giving this a try even if you’re craft impaired like I am.  It is incredibly easy and worth the effort.

UPDATE:  This is how I finished them. Click here.


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