Tinted Jar Craft with Beach Like Motif


Remember the jars I tinted Here?.  This is the finished product.  Aren’t they cute?


I love the feel of natural and rustic decorations, and I am loving blue, green, and blue-green colors right now.  So this craft was the perfect combination of the two.

First, I tinted some old jars in blues, greens, and combinations of blue & green.

You can Click Here to see how I did that.

Next, I took some simple rustic string, and, with the help of hot glue, covered the tops of the jars.  I started with a dollop of hot glue to hold the string where I started and used the hot glue occasionally to hold the string in places it didn’t want to stay as well as at the end.

The beauty of the rustic look is that perfection is neither required nor desired.  

This is the perfect look for me.



I filled each jar about 1/3 full of sand.  I recommend craft sand or some other sand that is free of all critters.  I like rustic, but critters are a bit too much for me.  That is definitely where I draw the line.


On top of the sand, I added some rocks.  Again, the rocks were bought at a craft store for the same reason that the sand was.


I have a space above my kitchen cabinets that needed updating on a budget.  This definitely fit that ticket.  It is the perfect filler for the space sitting between two rustic vases, and it was so easy that even I could do it.



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