My Favorite Slow Cookers

Since I post a lot of slow cooker recipes, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my favorite slow cookers.  I have had several different slow cookers through the years, but the two slow cookers I have and use now are, by far, my favorites.  I will also share with you the slow cooker that is on my Christmas wishlist.

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My Favorite Slow Cookers

TRU Triple Buffet Server


I love using my TRU Triple Buffet Server for side dishes and desserts.  Once my husband and I become empty nesters, this will likely be my go-to slow cooker for our entire meal.  Entree, side dish, and dessert could be all together simmering away.  At the moment, these servers are far too small for an entree for my family (two teen boys, an adult daughter, my husband, and I).  I do, however, use this for desserts and side dishes all the time.

Tru Triple Buffet Server is one of my favorite slow cookers.

Pictured above (before cooking) and below (after cooking)  is my TRU Triple Buffet Server with Caramel Apple Cobbler in the server to the left, Creamy Broccoli in the middle server, and Buttery Ranch Mushrooms in the server to the right.

Tru Triple Buffet Server is one of my favorite slow cookers.

I don’t enjoy cooking, but I enjoy eating.  Slow cooking lets me have my cobbler and eat it, too.  I toss ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning.  Around dinnertime, everything is already done.  I might need to make some rice or pasta to go with the entree, but it is still so much easier for me.

My Ninja Cooking System is one of my favorite slow cookers.

Ninja Cooking System

I use my Ninja Cooking System for most of my entree slow cooking.  It is nice and big (6 quarts capacity) with a removable insert.  This amazing slow cooker even has a stove top feature… that I rarely ever use.  I feel better knowing it is there if I should want to braise some meat or caramelize some onions before slow cooking (ahem…too much work).  Normally, if I use the stove top feature, it will be to speed up the cooking although this slow cooker is much less slow than most slow cookers.

My Ninja Cooking System is one of my favorite slow cookers.

In the picture above, Honey Soy Chicken is ready for dinner after simmering away in my Ninja Cooking System.  I have plenty of room to cook big in there.

Which slow cooker tops my wish list?

The slow cooker that tops my wishlist.

The Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System makes my heart go pitter patter.  I love the versatility.  At the moment, my slow cookers eat up a ton of valuable real estate on my counters.  It is worth it since I use them so very much, but I sometimes wish I could pack away one or two sections of my triple buffet server.

With the Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System, I can do exactly that.  I can pull out as many or as few parts as I need and put the rest away.  I also love that they plug into each other so I don’t need a separate outlet for each one.  They come in several different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles.  The combinations are numerous.

I hope Santa Clause is listening.  I have been very good this year!  Really!


What do you think?  Did I mention your favorite slow cooker?  I would love to hear about your favorite slow cooker, your favorite slow cooker dish, or any questions you might have about slow cooking in the comments.

All of my favorite slow cookers.

My favorite slow cookers

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