God’s Hands

You just never know what you’ll find when you go digging around.  I never actually found what I was looking for.  They will naturally turn up when I’m looking for something else.  However, I found this poem that I had written years ago, in 2002 to be precise.

This was inspired by my daughter who pointed out that the sun’s rays shining through the dark clouds look like they could be God’s hands.  Seeing life through a child’s eyes is usually a very lovely thing.


sun's rays peaking through the clouds

God’s Hands

The darkness of the clouds cover the sky

As sunshine earnestly tries to get through

When all at once, the dismal clouds divide

And rays of sunshine beam with brilliant hues

But look again and see with Godly eyes

Not only rays, God’s hand is piercing through

He reaches through the clouds with lighted guise

To touch all broken hearts within His view

For Heaven yearns to heal your broken heart

And listens to your heart’s imploring pleas

It’s wholeness that God’s hands can now impart

An anxious heart can be replaced with peace

For God still does reach through the clouds for us

And all we have to do is simply trust

About Trisha

Trisha Kilpatrick is a homeschooling mother of three. She has a degree in Education with a double major in Elementary and Special Education, but she is more proud of her countless hours of volunteer work in Children’s Church. She believes that all children can learn and that, in life, simple is almost always best. *Affiliate links are used on this site. I may be compensated when you click on or buy from these links. If you have any questions, you can contact me at questions@trishadishes.com .

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