My Husband Left His Phone At Home

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There are many reasons why leaving his phone at home would be a bad idea.  

My husband could have vehicle problems and need to call me or a tow truck.  He might want to call and tell me something.  I might want to call him for one reason or another (doubtful, but it could happen).

While there are many reasons for my husband to take his phone with him to work, the best reason is so I don’t do “things” to his phone while he’s gone.  We certainly didn’t do anything mean-spirited, but we did have a little fun.

First, I set his lock screen and wall paper to a picture of me.  

I mean, that’s what it really should be anyway.


Next, I left him a few Tasks to complete.  

I think it is totally awesome that my husband’s phone alerts him that “Whoa!  Your wife is hot!!! You should tell her.” because, quite frankly, he’s busy and frequently forgets.


You know that mischief is always more fun when you have company.

My kids made these videos for their forgetful dad.  Maybe they will help him to remember his phone from now on.

And another


Well, it’s just another day in my neighborhood.  I’m off to see what other mischief I can get into before dinner.

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